My Fair Lady pt. 3

Deep breaths, passionate kisses, hidden moments, whispers in the dark, forbidden treasures, maybe its fools gold, my fair lady has disappeared lately…no softness just the hard bed of lonliness, the emptiness of losing the wholesome, optimism fades and the dreadful face of pessimism mirrors me…a reflection of shattered dreams and broken promises..oh yes my dearContinue reading “My Fair Lady pt. 3”


Forgive me for my hideos appearance..i cant hide my scars…..this weed cloud blocks the sun from shining down on me…my appearance is not worthy of the spotlight…god has cast me in the abyss of hell..and there is no lightbulb that flashes in the darkness of my mind…no training course..thrown in the middle of hopesContinue reading “FORGIVE MY APPEARANCE (OLDIE BUT GOODIE)”