Deja Vu? Nah

Sitting in this hospital with pneumonia, thinking about how my father died on this same day 13yrs ago. My father and I share many of the same traits, physical features, but also the same underlying disease. Sarcoidosis. I was diagnosed 5yrs ago. It has ravished my lungs and also affected other organs. Honestly, all IContinue reading “Deja Vu? Nah”

What I learned Today Sept 1, 2014

Patience is key when raising a child. A child will take you through all the emotions within a half-hour time period lol…I have a toddler and she is all over the place. She isn’t trying my patience, rather she is helping me improve on it. It is not easy but definitely worth it. At theContinue reading “What I learned Today Sept 1, 2014”