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No Fear, No Fold

Living life one day at a time…I stopped worrying and fell in love with the grind…I had to turn into a beast in that grime, so I can be able to feast and to shine…at war with my body but at peace with my mind…it’s a certain feeling you have when you not living in deceit or denial…I accomplish amazing feats and defeat every trial…sometimes I just look in the mirror and stare, thinking to myself, “I can’t believe I’m still here”… I bare my soul and I bear the load…no fear, no fold.

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Truth Of The Matter

Honestly, since coming home from the hospital I feel better physically, but mentally different. I feel unsure about myself. I was so ready to get back to business and my daily routine, but when the time came I got scared. I got lost in my head. I’m trying to figure out what am I doing and what am I doing it for. I’m at a crossroad. This is another growing point and/or growing pain.

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Are You Prepared

We tend to walk around oblivious to our own mortality. Somehow we tend to forget things can go downhill swiftly. Sudden illness, disabling accident, layoff from work, death of a significant other, car breakdowns, and plenty of other unforeseen occurrences that can leave you up shit’s creek. Are you prepared? Do you have money saved up? Do you have enough groceries? First aide? Spare tire? Jumper cables? Generator? The list can go on. Flashlights and/or candles? Don’t wait. Be proactive. Be prepared.

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In order to improve as a society we must learn to take accountability for our actions, and also be able to hold others accountable. Criticism is a part of growth. If something isn’t right we have to be able to speak up on it without it being called an attack. We as a society should be mature enough to know the difference between holding someone accountable and attacking someone. This applies to men and women relations, politics, family, work etc…Let’s begin to hold each other accountable so we can grow and become a better society.


Thank You

Being in this hospital this last week has been very stressful and scary. With that being said I would love to thank all those who have came to visit, called, and had me in their thoughts positively. The love has been much appreciated. It makes me want to love harder. I am on the road to recovery and prosperity. Peace and Love.