Remove The Dying Leaves

The main thing I learned from growing houseplants is to remove dying leaves. Hanging on to leaves that are turning brown only harms the plant. It prevents more nutrients from going to the healthier part of your plant. This same rule can be applied to your personal life. Remove the dying relationships. Holding on toContinue reading “Remove The Dying Leaves”

Know When To Shut Up

Social media has given a lot of us a platform to be heard by more people now than any other era. It also has allowed plenty of us to overvalue our own opinions. Having an opinion is one thing, but voicing it all the time is another. Everything doesn’t need to be spoken on. MostContinue reading “Know When To Shut Up”

Moving With A Purpose

We all have had times where we are moving in many directions. There is this illusion that we’re actually accomplishing something. The lack of direction ultimately sends us moving backwards. Having goals set will give us direction. Start off by setting small goals. When you begin to check those small goes off the list, thenContinue reading “Moving With A Purpose”

Cultivate Your Own Garden

As a young child my father use to repeatedly tell me, “Take care of yourself first. You can’t help nobody if you can’t help yourself first. No matter what, take care of you”. To be honest, I did not agree with him for a long time. It took until my late 20s for it toContinue reading “Cultivate Your Own Garden”

Be you

Truth is, you’re really not that unique….You’re definitely not above critique…..You’re not as strong and you’re not as weak…stop trying to detach yourself from reality….some say your attitude determines your salary….you are the results of your decisions….focus on your growth and not your mentions…move with intention….be your greatest invention. Be you.