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QOTD OCT 20, 2018

Do you have a healthy Co-parenting relationship?

Yes, my relationship with my daughter’s mother is cool. It wasn’t always a good relationship, but we both have matured and made sacrifices to make it work. It isn’t perfect but no situation is.

What abou you guys? Drop a comment and let me know how your co-parenting relationship is going.

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QOTD OCT 18, 2018

Do you believe forgiveness is key in order to move on from someone who hurt you?

My answer is NO. I do not believe everything and/or everyone deserves forgiveness. I also do not believe I need to forgive someone who hurt me in order to heal. Life can move on just fine for me. I will move on with life, continue to pursue happiness, and not think twice about forgiving. I won’t forget either.

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Watch “Self Hatred or Self Absorbed” on YouTube

#JoinTheConversation G.F.T. RADIO. 10P.M. Every Thursday.

This was a great show. We discussed whether it is self hatred that makes one go against his/her own, or whether or not that individual is so self absorbed they dont care about anything or anyone else.