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Cool Under Pressure

Life is full of ups and downs. How one reacts to those ups and downs are key. We only think about how we would handle a dire situation, but we rarely discuss how to handle our success or victories in everyday life. I fully believe you should stay even keel whether you win or lose. There is a fine line between cockiness and confidence. Cockiness can put you in a situation that you are not ready to handle. Yes, there is pressure that comes with winning. Pressure to keep winning, to keep racking up those victories. Just understand, sometimes a loss is a lesson that needed to be learned. Stay even.

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Proper Communication

In order to have proper communication, you must set your ego aside. Being right isn’t the same as being understood. Also, don’t imagine what someone is saying. Ask for clarification on what they are saying. Too many times we create false scenarios in our heads because we heard only what we wanted to hear, and not what was really said.

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QOTD OCT 20, 2018

Do you have a healthy Co-parenting relationship?

Yes, my relationship with my daughter’s mother is cool. It wasn’t always a good relationship, but we both have matured and made sacrifices to make it work. It isn’t perfect but no situation is.

What abou you guys? Drop a comment and let me know how your co-parenting relationship is going.

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QOTD OCT 18, 2018

Do you believe forgiveness is key in order to move on from someone who hurt you?

My answer is NO. I do not believe everything and/or everyone deserves forgiveness. I also do not believe I need to forgive someone who hurt me in order to heal. Life can move on just fine for me. I will move on with life, continue to pursue happiness, and not think twice about forgiving. I won’t forget either.