Stop Sharing

Everything isn’t for everybody. We all have fell victim to over-sharing. We tell people things in hope of understanding but most times all we get is judgement. What I have realized is that most people will never understand me. They can only understand you from their limted perspective. People also tend to put their insecuritiesContinue reading “Stop Sharing”

G.F.T. Radio Presents…

GFT Radio presents “How Is Your Health Tied To Your Nutrition” 🚨 MONDAY at 10PM EST on Twitch, YouTube & Facebook Live🚨 #JoinTheConversation on chat, or even request to join in! Watch LIVE as we discuss how Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep affect your overall Health & Well-Being! You don’t want to miss this First ofContinue reading “G.F.T. Radio Presents…”

Non-Verbal Communication

Great communication is an integral part of all relationships. In today’s society, I notice most people miss the non-verbal communication cues. Mainly because we do so much of our communication through texts and emails. I learned at a young age that reading body language was very important. A person’s body language will reveal more thanContinue reading “Non-Verbal Communication”

Positive Progression

Moving forward in the right direction has always been a major focus of mines. The issue I always had with moving forward in the right direction was that most times I used negative energy to push forward. I used failure or people doubting me as motivation. At this stage in my life I choose toContinue reading “Positive Progression”