A Sinners Lament

Gory images, perfect blemishes, the ending of my genesis, the decadence of a casket for a perfectionist, I ensure that none are insured from the words that i conjure from the dead and injured…….sooooo whats the purpose? My alertness doesn’t mean I am not allergic to the bullshit, everywhere I turn there’s bullshit that makesContinue reading “A Sinners Lament”

Please Don’t Cry (Dedicated to Amyla)

Please baby don’t cry, each tear drop is like fear cropped, it appears larger than facts but fact is I’ m here baby so please dont cry, flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood, the definition of love doesn’t define this, for a bond like this a definition doesn’t exist, a poem doesn’t existContinue reading “Please Don’t Cry (Dedicated to Amyla)”