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Time for a Change

The way police are trained needs to be changed. There needs to be a more extensive background check, and there needs to be a more extensive psychological check. It is never acceptable to handcuff and have your guns drawn on a 11yr old innocent child.



Local Voting/Political Process

I just wanted to state quickly that local voting is very important. Most people in my community do not vote because they do not understand the political process, so in turn they believe their votes do not count. Ignorance is never bliss. Ignorance is harmful, and the more people who are ignorant to the politics of this country, the worse the country will become. We will continue to have low quality politicians if we do not do better. It starts at home. So I encourage you all to stay informed. Well-informed. Your vote does count. Don’t let the ill-informed fool you. It starts locally. Peace!

Education · people · politics

Sexual Harassment(Double Standard)

Nobody ever talks about the other side of sexual harassment. The side where women can be just as inappropriate as men or in some cases more. I have had some things said to me by female co-workers in the past that were highly questionable. I had a female co-worker who used to love feeling on me, but it was looked at as comical because I was a man and men supposedly love when women are all over them no matter the situation or if you are attracted to them or not

The double-standard is everywhere even from customers. I had a patron at one of my jobs refer to me as her pool boy(with sexual overtones). Now be clear she was an older white woman and actually very very nice, but I also understood if an older black man would walk into a young white woman’s place of work  and spoke to her that way he would have been labeled a pervert.

I was watching a clip of a show called, “The View”, and they were discussing Matt Lauer and the sexual harrassment charges he is facing and all I can see where a bunch of hypocrites. I have seen in past shows where they would have some male superstar on there and all the women in the crowd are hooting and hollering. Most, not all would say any everything to him to get close to him. 

I know some women will read this and automatically get offended. It’s ok. I understand. Some women are just scared to look in the mirror and accept that they are partly to blame for this highly sexualized society we live in. Quietly they enjoy the double-standard and they do not want anybody to mess up the status-quo. 

P.S. Do not throw rocks if you live in a glass house.


How important is voting? If we want change within our cities and governments who’s to blame when things get worst? The politicians or the public? If you don’t vote, can you blame politicians for things you don’t agree with or want to change? Do you feel like your voice is being heard when it comes to elections or do you think it doesn’t matter if you vote or not?

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