Tune in to G.F.T. Radio 11/2/2020

GFT Radio presents “Are We Too Stupid To Vote” 🚨 MONDAY at 10PM EST on Twitch, YouTube & Facebook Live🚨 #JoinTheConversation on chat, or even request to join in! Watch LIVE as we discuss voting protests, complaints and how democracy is failing us!? And find out, is voting making us stupid, or are we justContinue reading “Tune in to G.F.T. Radio 11/2/2020”

Today Was A Good Day

Mr. Oshea Jackson Sr., Aka Ice Cube, is receiving a lot of backlash from some within the “black community” for meeting with the Trump administration about his, “Contract With Black America” initiative. So many people from within the black community who haven’t done anything for our progress have so much to say. This is theContinue reading “Today Was A Good Day”


What’s the agenda…..What has the two dominant parties done for us…..Hmmm, I can’t remember….One comes with the slander, then the other comes with the pander….The system has become redundant…..I don’t want to hear from these political pundits unless they’re talking about giving us Black Americans some reparations….It’s time for preparation….Overhaul this political system, it wasn’tContinue reading “Agenda”


The President of the U.S.A. has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. President Trump announced to the world via his twitter account. that he and his wife have tested positive and now will have to quarantine. This comes just days after his debate with democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. A debate in which he mockedContinue reading “POSITIVE”