Honor Thy Father

My favorite post of March 2017. Some of my favorite quotes from my Father. He was a very interesting man. A great father. Not perfect but great.

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“Be a leader not a follower!”

“Your friends now will not be your friends later!”

“Life aint fair!”

“The rent man don’t give a fuck about your problems! He got motherfucking problems too!”

“Stop walking around here like somebody owes you something!”

“Find you a good woman. You need a good woman!”

“Don’t choose a woman based off looks!”

“When it hurts, it means it’s working!”

“When your tired keep going. That’s how you get stronger!”

“Make sure OUR name will be remembered forever!”

“I wish I had daughter!”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


P.S. he eventually got the beautiful daughter he always wanted. 😂😂😂

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The Harsh Truth About Spanking – Part 2

A Thomas Point of View

In yesterday’s post I talked about how spanking is one form of discipline, but that is one form that we need to get away from. Discipline takes many different forms and you can discipline without spanking. It is possible. There are no statistics that support that spanking makes children better than those who were not spanked. In reality, when spanking leaves a mark it now goes into abuse. Do you want to take that chance?

This is what happened to Tyrese. It wasn’t about men and women. It wasn’t about a bitter ex trying to keep him from his child. It was about a parenting choice to spank your child. A choice about whether or not corporal punishment was better than using the situation as a teachable moment.

I met a young woman in college who grew up in a military family. Her dad was a major in the Army…

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