Local Voting/Political Process

I just wanted to state quickly that local voting is very important. Most people in my community do not vote because they do not understand the political process, so in turn they believe their votes do not count. Ignorance is never bliss. Ignorance is harmful, and the more people who are ignorant to the politics of this country, the worse the country will become. We will continue to have low quality politicians if we do not do better. It starts at home. So I encourage you all to stay informed. Well-informed. Your vote does count. Don’t let the ill-informed fool you. It starts locally. Peace!



You have to build the right team,

You have to chase the right dream,

Money isn’t anything let alone everything,

Impact means more,

Money is just a means to impact more,

Money brings out the worse in people,

I’ve been surrounded by some of the worst of people,

They were all about the C.R E.A.M you see,

Cash Raped Everything Around Me!