What It Takes

Encourage more than discourage..

Love takes courage..



I envision every decision is made with precision…ailing but learning from every past failing…wherever the wind blows my mind is sailing…I’m the captain of this ship…



I go to my poetry when I’m looking for safety….I been living dangerously lately…A couple of love ones now hate me…But I don’t let the opinions of others shape me…Through endless times of being alone I still have grown…Just chasing the best version of me….The me that you know is the lesser version of me…I’m better than who I was yesterday…That still doesn’t mean I will have a better today…Just better prepared for the trials and tribulations…In it for the long haul not just for mild stimulations…I’m just creating safety for my creations.

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Watch “Dr. Umar Johnson confronted by LGBT Feminist during Xseed in Life program KC 2015” on YouTube

“The struggle for the lgbt community is the struggle to practice a certain behavior. The struggle for black people is the struggle to be treated like a human being.”

People need to stop comparing the struggle of black people as whole with the struggle of those in the lgbt community.