Dream Woman

Effective affection…Her touch is beyond a blessing….Her love is never in question….My lover and my lesson….My heart was in peril and in anguish until I heard her love language….She speaks to my soul…What a beauty to behold….Then I woke up.

Reject Complacency

Some people get so happy with their growth and stop growing….Life doesn’t stop, you have to keep going…Reject complacency…Never get too comfortable because death comes blatantly…I made admirable sacrifices and made moves that bring shame to me…I had to look in the mirror remember my name is my name to me…Now go get this movement moving…Only option is success I refuse to accept losing

Rise Butterfly

Rise butterfly….Remembering all the blessings you gave from time that has passed us by….I cry as you ascend off into the sky…No choice but to say goodbye….We rejoice because you got your wings…We smile from the joy your name brings….Until we meet again, Rise, Rise, Rise my Beautiful Butterfly. 😢😢

Voices In My Head

Too many voices in my head…all I hear is noise, I can’t understand anything being said…An idle mind is the devil’s playground, but in the chaos of my thoughts, demons are being bred, Love becomes a dread….Food for my thoughts is like blood for the dead….Asked to follow blindly those that never lead…So many voices in my head that makes it hard to go to bed.


Screaming you want love but you don’t even love yourself….You put your wants instead of putting your needs above all else…I don’t care to hear your cries….. you’re willingly believing beautiful lies….Your dignity is compromised….Yet you put blame on others….You can’t even remember all the names of the men who cum stained your covers….Lost in lust but complaining about the lack of lovers…Lady you need to correct your reflection before point fingers in this direction.

A Picture

Foundation was shaken from thoughts that were ground breaking…..You couldn’t fathom my surprise when I played with devils and hell had arrived….I was praying to the heavens to save me and my brethren…Praying to uplift my sisters…Read your bibles but also take heed to these scriptures…my words paint pictures and we know how many words a pictures worth…I pray from my broken earth that you please pick apart my words and tell me what you see or what you heard…Tell me am I the shephard, the sheep, or the wolf hunting the herd.

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