Pity is for the weak-minded…..yet the pitiful are plentiful…Everyone’s sadness has activated my madness… I just see a bunch of ungrateful bastards and bums….Why are you all not happy with your crumbs….I gave yall drugs, disease, and yet you all still don’t appreciate your slums…..The disrespect….So what you don’t have jobs…A bunch of hopeless slobs…How dare you complain…How dare you let poverty affect your brain…I don’t pity you…I don’t waste my time with the pitiful..

In The Dark

You have to learn how to create in the dark,

It’s where the greatest creations start,

The origin of art,

Pure blackness,

The beginning of happiness and sadness,

Don’t lose control playing around in that black hole,

After the dark we scream at the light partially blinded,

The finish line,

I close my eyes to find it.


Who is it,

Knocking on my heart trying to visit,

Is it an attack? Do I need to be in intensive?

Are my walls coming down? Who will be there to fix it?

The crumbling. The destruction turns into the humbling.

Evasive. Whoever was knocking has become very persuasive.

Accepetance. Love is lesson.

Birth. Death. Everything else is a blessing.

What’s more important? The answer. The question.

Who is it?


Black Honey

Covered she moves with grace. With roots like hers she is made strong. Nectar so sweet never bitter. You can definitely tell that the ancestors are walking with her.

This is a poem from the beautiful Winona Hamilton. A beautiful southern belle. I would like to thank her and let her know I appreciate her sharing with us.

A Nut

An altered state in order to create…Mind fucked, after I cum I still mentally masturbate….What a jerk….My pleasures hurt…After I release my seed, it doesn’t grow it dies…I see it in your eyes…I apologize…I should have gave you a warning…Now I’m mourning…Waiting until my next grand rising…Are we living or are we dying…My beautiful degradation…this is my brains ejaculation…Behold my creation.


We give too much value to other people’s opinions….Furthermore, we put too much value on our own opinions…Men and Women….Our judgements are too harsh, especially when most of us aren’t really that smart…Yes I’m talking about you and you…Middle finger to the mirror, fuck you too.

Quote of The Day

Mumia Abu-Jamal photo

“Welcome to hell.

A hell erected and maintained by human-governments, and blessed by black robed judges.

A hell that allows you to see your loved ones, but not to touch them.

A hell situated in America’s boondocks, hundreds of miles away from most families.

A white, rural hell, where most of the captives are black and urban.

It is an American way of death.”— Mumia Abu-JamalAll Things Censored

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