My Fair Lady pt. 3

Deep breaths, passionate kisses, hidden moments, whispers in the dark, forbidden treasures, maybe its fools gold, my fair lady has disappeared lately…no softness just the hard bed of lonliness, the emptiness of losing the wholesome, optimism fades and the dreadful face of pessimism mirrors me…a reflection of shattered dreams and broken promises..oh yes my dear fair lady has not been fair appearance is yet again i mend my wounds my scars tell the tale of a love thats true and how the lovers fail, to my fair lady farewell….


This is quite a touchy subject. Personally, I dont believe in abortion at all. Once you make the decision to have sex with an individual you both also must assume the risk and responsibility that comes along with it. There are plenty of ways to protect yourself from having a child. Of course you can practice abstinence, but lets deal with reality. This is a high powered sexual society we live in, and we all can agree that the right partner takes sex to much higher levels of ecstacy. That still doesnt excuse you from taking preventable measures. There are plenty of birth control items out there. Now yes there are two exceptions to this rule. 1. If any women was raped and became pregnant then yes im all for it. 2. If any women life is in the balance if she gives birth then im all for it.  Other than that take responsibility for your action, protect yourself or JUST KEEP YA DAMN LEGS CLOSED UNTIL YOU ARE CERTAIN YOU ARE READY!! SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS!

Im ready

My name already died once,  jan 16, 2006 is the date it expired, the second coming but i was ready to retire before i was even hired, god im tired, fatigued mentally, the cracking of my bones is my pains symphony, a cacophony of whispers, sometimes the devil is my only listener, he preys on weakness during them nights when im sleepless, the echo in my soul is evidence of its deepness, for what i sowed im reaping, nightmares from the casket and i cant stop my mother from weaping, nerves bad my hands shake, fear i may perish before i leave my namesake, shedding tears over regrets and costly mistakes, so if i die before i wake GOD watch over FRANK, for him to succeed if it takes me to die then let me stank,  if thats what it takes then i pray dont let me wake, if its my time then dont make me wait,

First impressions

Most people say first impressions last a lifetime!!! I call all of those people idiots! There is no valid way you can judge anyone the first time you meet them. They can be having a very bad day, or be very good at putting up a facade.  Peoples action over time is what describes them best. That way you can get a consistent measure on who they are and how they conduct themselves. First dates should just be a filling out process and not be taking to serious. Having patience and  spending time with an individual ensures a better view a person. Furthermore one shouldnt try to impress, but rather being yourself should be impressive enough.


Forgive me for my hideos appearance..i cant hide my scars…..this weed cloud blocks the sun from shining down on me…my appearance is not worthy of the spotlight…god has cast me in the abyss of hell..and there is no lightbulb that flashes in the darkness of my mind…no training course..thrown in the middle of hopes of an explosion of passion and emotion..a sight not to see…scabs from abandonment…burn wounds from scorn wombs…heartlocked..for a moment my heartstopped…the alphabet i perverse into a molestation worse than catholic priests..i’ll hide my truth to ease your pain..i apologize for the stab wounds of that torture…aking murdered on his throne….a corpsed that wreaks of a thousand deaths…but remembered just once..please forgive my appearance…clothes torn from vicious dogs i thought they were best friends…so my dear i approach u as is, body covered in battlescars, these war wounds heal in the peace of your company, forgive my appearance..but im here i cant dissappear

Chap 1 v 4

Against god there are no rivals, worship no idols, but yet they disrespect with jesus around they neck, i wonder if jesus looked in the mirror would that same image you worship reflect that, did our african ancestors rep that, how can anyone neglect that, how can any black man forget that, but to get him to listen i gotta talk about everything except that, call it spoken word, poetry, shallow or depth rap, i just call it a lyrical death trap, for that money i spit that get out of debt rap, mic 1, 2 where my check at, cash it and bet that, i belong where the best at, read along and accept facts, dechiper my scriptures, im just writing my mental pictures, giving a perfect description a revision, everything done with precision, living with every decision, no excuses, to whoever dont agree dueces,  if my thoughts are ludicrous then go ahead run away love, the sun still shines behind the cloud when a tear drops from a dove,

Ch 1 v. 3

my present is gods gift, my past makes me rich, finding my path i pray and dont wish, the future holds it own reward and risk, leaving a legacy before i cease and dissist, be at peace when im deceased, keep climbing the ladder until i grab for what i reach, treasure it because my destiny is mines to keep, but i wonder is the ladder to high or am i climbing from that deep, refusing to be pulled back down that barrel, my eyes down that barrel but my heart flies with that sparrow, my words at the tip of cupids arrow,  inspired by what made moses scream on the pharoh,

Ch 1. V 2

invitations denied, or never replied to, cant trust the niggaz around you, if its the same story then the past is ya future and u can never put it behind u, dont deny truth, especially when it provides proof, life cant deny death, the shallow is swallowed by minds depth, ignorance is a crime with high debt, am i trying to get the words across or the concept, can u see between lines, the truth between the lies, everything stagnant dies, the winner and the loser cries, deception of the eyes, perfection was even crucified, suicides, its do or die, choose a side,

Chap 1 v. 1

Far from god and even further from a fairy, im like joesph laying next to the virgin mary, witness my immaculate conception, no contraceptive, going raw is just a matter of perspective, the wrong vantage point can be deceptive, things may look repetitive, but being repetitious is the art of a perfectionist, i love the imperfection in it, correction is a blessing, better than walking blind in the wrong direction, no exception, not even for the exceptional, i profess to the professional, u can be highly skilled but hardly real, and thats detestable, im just scattered thoughts from a battered heart, scabs and scars tatted my parts, so i put my ink on the paper, so i can laugh now just to cry later,

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