Ch 1. V 2

invitations denied, or never replied to, cant trust the niggaz around you, if its the same story then the past is ya future and u can never put it behind u, dont deny truth, especially when it provides proof, life cant deny death, the shallow is swallowed by minds depth, ignorance is a crime with high debt, am i trying to get the words across or the concept, can u see between lines, the truth between the lies, everything stagnant dies, the winner and the loser cries, deception of the eyes, perfection was even crucified, suicides, its do or die, choose a side,

Chap 1 v. 1

Far from god and even further from a fairy, im like joesph laying next to the virgin mary, witness my immaculate conception, no contraceptive, going raw is just a matter of perspective, the wrong vantage point can be deceptive, things may look repetitive, but being repetitious is the art of a perfectionist, i love the imperfection in it, correction is a blessing, better than walking blind in the wrong direction, no exception, not even for the exceptional, i profess to the professional, u can be highly skilled but hardly real, and thats detestable, im just scattered thoughts from a battered heart, scabs and scars tatted my parts, so i put my ink on the paper, so i can laugh now just to cry later,


The common thread in all relationships is communication or the lack thereof…i believe we all can agree on that.. i would like to discuss the different type of relationships one has with the opposite sex and how they originate..i have met a woman on a random occasion and it developed into something more..i also have had long friendships develope spawn into intimate relations..i wonder though what is the best way to begin a relationship? How should 1 begin to cultivate those feelings? Furthermore, how does one know those feelings are real..

Games ppl play

I never play games when it concerns to matters of the heart. To some people its the norm, thats why i rarely trust anyone. Trust is earned, not demanded or expected. Communication has always been the main factor in any relationship i’ve had, the lack thereof and the lack of understanding. Some people are just pathological liars. They lie for no reason and over the simplest things. This is the game they play to try gain control over the relationship. I dont like to involve myself with such people, but some are great liars and it is hard to discern who is who. Any thoughts?

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