Raul Cortes Jr. “POLO”

Today we highlight MY favorite poet!! Raul Cortes Jr. He is from my hometown of Trenton, NJ. Below is a wonderful poem he has submitted to Akingstruth.com and a brief but great description of who he is! I present to you Trenton, New Jersey’s own poet laureate, also known as “POLO”! ________ Females & Women’Continue reading “Raul Cortes Jr. “POLO””


Yes, here we are again promoting the great talent the city of Trenton, NJ has. I introduce to you, Byron “Black Collar Biz” Marshall. A artist in its truest form and a active participant in bringing positivity to the community I am honored to have him featured on Akingstruth.com.      1. How long have you beenContinue reading “BLACK COLLAR BIZ!!”