Word Of The Day

benign adjective be·nign | \ bi-ˈnīn \ Definition of benign 1a: of a mild type or character that does not threaten health or lifeespecially : not becoming cancerousa benign lung tumor b: having no significant effect : HARMLESSenvironmentally benign 2: of a gentle disposition : GRACIOUSa benign teacher 3a: showing kindness and gentlenessbenign faces b:Continue reading “Word Of The Day”

Your Opinion

Don’t overvalue my interest in your opinion…I speak to the leader not the minion….Fuck your entitlement…how can you explain what a liar meant??..your rationale is nonsense…how uncommon is common sense??..critical thinking is what’s needed but in these days and time ignorance is happily greeted…ignorance is continuously repeated….hatred is deep seeded…all the winners are treated asContinue reading “Your Opinion”