Thought Of The Day

Keep believing only god can judge you if you want to. Meanwhile, your children are paying attention to everything you do. Yes, your children may love you dearly but respect you barely. They respect your title and the fact they don’t have the ability to fend for themselves yet. They see your actions. They knowContinue reading “Thought Of The Day”

QOTD OCT 20, 2018

Do you have a healthy Co-parenting relationship? Yes, my relationship with my daughter’s mother is cool. It wasn’t always a good relationship, but we both have matured and made sacrifices to make it work. It isn’t perfect but no situation is. What abou you guys? Drop a comment and let me know how your co-parentingContinue reading “QOTD OCT 20, 2018”

What I learned Today Sept 1, 2014

Patience is key when raising a child. A child will take you through all the emotions within a half-hour time period lol…I have a toddler and she is all over the place. She isn’t trying my patience, rather she is helping me improve on it. It is not easy but definitely worth it. At theContinue reading “What I learned Today Sept 1, 2014”