Proper Communication

In order to have proper communication, you must set your ego aside. Being right isn’t the same as being understood. Also, don’t imagine what someone is saying. Ask for clarification on what they are saying. Too many times we create false scenarios in our heads because we heard only what we wanted to hear, andContinue reading “Proper Communication”


I love talking about communication, it is the best way to break down barriers between people. Coming to a understanding or common ground is key. We do not have to always agree with each other, but we should be able to disagree peacefully and honestly. Proper communication is a great tool for growth on allContinue reading “Communication”

Arguing in front of your child

Guilty, guilty, guilty…smh…  I know parents should not argue in front of their kids, but I have done so and I am not proud of it. It all comes back to proper communication between parents. When that communication breaks down, as parents we must find a way to build it back up. Love must alwaysContinue reading “Arguing in front of your child”