G.F.T. Mondays Tune in

@GFT_Radio Network presents “Is Your Relationship Doomed By Your Unrealistic Standards” 🚨 TONIGHT @10PM EST on Twitch, YouTube & Facebook Live🚨 JoinTheConversation LIVE as we discuss how lofty aspirations for our mate, may be setting them up for failure! Do you expect more from those you date, than you require of yourself? And are youContinue reading “G.F.T. Mondays Tune in”


    Hello everybody. I would like to write a piece on internet dating. Does the pros outweigh the cons? Is it safe? What type of experiences have people encountered with internet dating? Would you recommend someone else to try it out? I would love to get some feedback from my readers, so I canContinue reading “INTERNET DATING? GOOD OR BAD? LET ME KNOW”


The common thread in all relationships is communication or the lack thereof…i believe we all can agree on that.. i would like to discuss the different type of relationships one has with the opposite sex and how they originate..i have met a woman on a random occasion and it developed into something more..i also haveContinue reading “Relationships”

Games ppl play

I never play games when it concerns to matters of the heart. To some people its the norm, thats why i rarely trust anyone. Trust is earned, not demanded or expected. Communication has always been the main factor in any relationship i’ve had, the lack thereof and the lack of understanding. Some people are justContinue reading “Games ppl play”