Remove The Dying Leaves

The main thing I learned from growing houseplants is to remove dying leaves. Hanging on to leaves that are turning brown only harms the plant. It prevents more nutrients from going to the healthier part of your plant. This same rule can be applied to your personal life. Remove the dying relationships. Holding on toContinue reading “Remove The Dying Leaves”


🚨Tonight @ 10PM EST🚨 “Why is Rejection so hard to take?” Our very own Clint, aka Smooth, wrote a great poem titled, “Rejection”! After reading it, we felt it begs the question… Is breaking up hard to do, or is Rejection just hard to take? Join the conversation, as we discuss Rejection, Breaking up, AvoidanceContinue reading “Rejection”

Proper Communication

In order to have proper communication, you must set your ego aside. Being right isn’t the same as being understood. Also, don’t imagine what someone is saying. Ask for clarification on what they are saying. Too many times we create false scenarios in our heads because we heard only what we wanted to hear, andContinue reading “Proper Communication”

Thought of the Day(Dec 20, 2015)

A while ago I posted something that my father would tell me repeatedly when I was younger, “your friends now won’t be your friends later”. When I was younger I never wanted to believe that. I always believed my friends and I at the time would be friends forever. I was hellbent on proving myContinue reading “Thought of the Day(Dec 20, 2015)”