Thought Of The Day(Love vs Respect)

I was listening to a conversation between two people about love or respect. The topic was whether you rather be loved or respected. My thought was, “who is loving or respecting me?”. As people we sometimes think too highly of ourselves. Who told you your respect will be valued by me? Who told you IContinue reading “Thought Of The Day(Love vs Respect)”

QOTD OCT 18, 2018

Do you believe forgiveness is key in order to move on from someone who hurt you? My answer is NO. I do not believe everything and/or everyone deserves forgiveness. I also do not believe I need to forgive someone who hurt me in order to heal. Life can move on just fine for me. IContinue reading “QOTD OCT 18, 2018”

What I learned Today July 26, 2014

Invest in people. We spend so much time worrying about money and material things, that we forget the things that have the most value. People and relationships are of more value than money. When we cultivate and cherish our friendships the dividends we receive in return are compounded with interest. Today, I learn to invest,Continue reading “What I learned Today July 26, 2014”