How Gaslighting is Destroying You!

🚨 THURSDAY @ 10PM 🚨 “How Gaslighting Is Destroying YOU” A victim of #Gaslighting questions their reality, their sanity and are effectively brainwashed by their abuser! #JoinTheConversation as we discuss Gaslighting, who’s doing it, why they’re doing, and how you can detect the signs! __ – What Is Gaslighting and it’s affects – Who’sContinue reading “How Gaslighting is Destroying You!”

Who are your friends?

🚨 TONIGHT at 10pm🚨 What Kind of Friend Are You? Are you loyal, motivating, the hype man, etc. What kind of friend is your BFF? What kind of friend do you need? How often do we need to be around real friends? What do you consider being loyal? Do you want a friend whoContinue reading “Who are your friends?”