Tune in Thursday to G.F.T RADIO

This Thursday we have a great show in store for you all. Log on to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gftradioshow at 10p.m. and join us as we discuss suicide and suicide prevention. This is a very important show. If you know any one who has experienced suicidal thoughts or attempted suicide, this will be a great show for youContinue reading “Tune in Thursday to G.F.T RADIO”

Watch “National Women’s History” on YouTube

ICYMI here is our podcast from this past Thursday. In celebration of Women’s History Month, all the Co-hosts of G.F.T. radio chose a woman or women who inspired us. We discussed women such as Michelle Obama, Sandra Day O’connor, Cathy Hughes, Misty Copeland, Angela Davis and more. Take a listen and enjoy.

Watch “February Recap” on YouTube

ICYMI Here is our podcast show from this past Thursday night. G.F.T. radio had a great recap of topics we touched on during Black History month, such as racial insecurities, racism within the black community, the difference in the portrayal of different races in the media and more. We also talked about what Black HistoryContinue reading “Watch “February Recap” on YouTube”