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@GFT_Radio Network presents “Natural Hair Routines & Things” 🚨 MONDAY @ 10PM EST on Twitch, YouTube & Facebook Live🚨 JoinTheConversation LIVE as we discuss the various methods, products and strategies, for keeping natural curls poppin, locks luscious, waves rockin and more! We’re talking styling, maintaining, and improving the health of your hair! And you don’tContinue reading “G.F.T. RADIO Presents…”


@GFT_Radio Network presents “How Much Is Religion Impacting Your Life For The Positive”  MONDAY @ 10PM EST on Twitch, YouTube & Facebook Live#JoinTheConversation LIVE as we discuss religion, it’s impact personally, socially, and in the community! Have a testimony, or a conversion story, feel free to comment and join in the conversation! You don’tContinue reading “G.F.T RADIO THIS MONDAY”

🚨🚨🚨 Episode 31 What did your relationship with your Mom teach U? Featuring Smooth of @gft_radio available right now on all streaming platforms #DisisHowUHustle https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9nZnRyYWRpb3Nob3cuY29tL2ZlZWQvbXAzLw/episode/cG9kbG92ZS0yMDIxLTA5LTA2dDA3OjAyOjA3KzAwOjAwLTczNzRmYTE1YzM3Y2Y0YQ?ep=14 everythingisahustle #InternationalHympe #ThePodcastDriveThru #hitdabutton #iamhympe #H2Hpodcast #PodernFamily #phillysupportphilly #podcast #blackpodcastnetwork #Podgang #PodNation

Sex Sales But Has It Sold Us Out

🚨 THURSDAY @ 10PM 🚨  “Sex Sales, But Has It Sold Us Out?” Join The Conversation, as we discuss the topic that gets everyone hot and bothered, “SEX”! We’ll explore the effect of Sex on our lives, our children and society! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gftradioshow/2018/01/12/sex-sales-but-has-it-sold-us-out – Why have we become less discreet when it comes to our sexContinue reading “Sex Sales But Has It Sold Us Out”