🚨 THURSDAY @ 10PM 🚨 “How Gaslighting Is Destroying YOU” A victim of #Gaslighting questions their reality, their sanity and are effectively brainwashed by their abuser! #JoinTheConversation as we discuss Gaslighting, who’s doing it, why they’re doing, and how you can detect the signs! __ – What Is Gaslighting and it’s affects – Who’sContinue reading “HOW GASLIGHTING IS DESTROYING YOU”

Watch “Autism: A Look Into Real Life Challenges!” on YouTube

This was a great show. Very informative. Sunny allowed us to have a sneak peak into her and her families journey. We had a wonderful guest, “Cha”, who is an ABA instructor, and she gave us a lot of information on how to raise a child with Autism and how to help those who areContinue reading “Watch “Autism: A Look Into Real Life Challenges!” on YouTube”