No Guidance

Children with no guidance just roam the streets…at war within themselves yet searching for peace…where are all the heroes…television and music has taught them that working people are zeroes….too much fog for them to notice the role models, so they continue to walk down that same road that plenty failures have followed…I refuse to justContinue reading “No Guidance”

When your Heart drips dry

Them dark shadows of the past arrive at last, post traumatic stress, or is it a hoax dramatics at its best,semi-automatics at his chest,bullets rip him apart and since he speaks from his heart,its and explosion of emotion,but his heart drips dry,so as u watch the heartless die,laying in his puddle of emotion u mustContinue reading “When your Heart drips dry”

Don’t Blame the Youth

Petty mindsets produce pathetic concepts they say the youth is wrong but I believe the youth was left alone  judgment from former crack addicts, drunks and drug dealers is what’s wrong they forget their wrongs, they sing that song, “I wish it was like back in the day”, well the back in the days when crackContinue reading “Don’t Blame the Youth”


Are black students doing as bad in school as we are led to believe? Being a graduate from inner city high school, whose freshman class was in the 1000’s but whose graduating class was in the 100’s. I’m split on the topic. I honestly need to do more research but this video below is aContinue reading “HOW MANY BLACK HIGH SCHOOL KIDS ARE REALLY DROPPING OUT?”

A Sinners Lament

Gory images, perfect blemishes, the ending of my genesis, the decadence of a casket for a perfectionist, I ensure that none are insured from the words that i conjure from the dead and injured…….sooooo whats the purpose? My alertness doesn’t mean I am not allergic to the bullshit, everywhere I turn there’s bullshit that makesContinue reading “A Sinners Lament”