Quick Thought On Love and Trust

The majority of the people I have encountered do not want to be in love, they just want to be loved. Selfishly they talk about how they want someone to love them for who they are. Yet, they don’t really love who they are, and if you don’t love yourself then how can you loveContinue reading “Quick Thought On Love and Trust”

Thought Of The Day(Love vs Respect)

I was listening to a conversation between two people about love or respect. The topic was whether you rather be loved or respected. My thought was, “who is loving or respecting me?”. As people we sometimes think too highly of ourselves. Who told you your respect will be valued by me? Who told you IContinue reading “Thought Of The Day(Love vs Respect)”


Today on akingstruth.com, we feature an amazing blogger who will share her story of motherhood and of raising a young black boy into a man. This is “A THOMAS POINT OF VIEW” I always knew that I was having a son. I had done invitro fertilization(IVF) so I was more surprised that it worked theContinue reading “A MOTHER’S WILL”

Time Is Now

We have to bridge the gap…less emotion only deal in facts….we’re going in circles…how many more laps…going nowhere fast…we still end up last…time to fend for self…stop asking for help…become your best…fight until the last breath…fight for each other…we have to be able to build with one another…I love you sista…I love you brotha…we haveContinue reading “Time Is Now”