Count Your Coins, by Tikeetha Thomas

Below is a guest post from one of my favorite bloggers, Tikeetha Thomas from “”, on teaching financial literacy to her child. COUNT YOUR COINS It’s hard trying to teach children to count their coins. It’s important but nevertheless, it’s difficult. As a single mother to an 11 year old I find that I needContinue reading “Count Your Coins, by Tikeetha Thomas”

Thought Of The Day

Keep believing only god can judge you if you want to. Meanwhile, your children are paying attention to everything you do. Yes, your children may love you dearly but respect you barely. They respect your title and the fact they don’t have the ability to fend for themselves yet. They see your actions. They knowContinue reading “Thought Of The Day”

Watch “Texas Woman Allegedly Killed Her 3-Year-Old Child By ‘Playing Chicken’ With An SUV | TIME” on YouTube

This is a case of not having common sense!!! I fully understand accidents happen, but this could have been avoided. Feel so bad that young child had to their life that way and that young.


Today on, we feature an amazing blogger who will share her story of motherhood and of raising a young black boy into a man. This is “A THOMAS POINT OF VIEW” I always knew that I was having a son. I had done invitro fertilization(IVF) so I was more surprised that it worked theContinue reading “A MOTHER’S WILL”

Watch “Is Respecting Your Elders A Lost Art Form” on YouTube

Are we raising our children not to respect their elders. Are the elders of today worthy of respect? Are young people of today too entitled? Have a listen and join the conversation. Let us know what you think. #JoinTheConversatiom

QOTD OCT 20, 2018

Do you have a healthy Co-parenting relationship? Yes, my relationship with my daughter’s mother is cool. It wasn’t always a good relationship, but we both have matured and made sacrifices to make it work. It isn’t perfect but no situation is. What abou you guys? Drop a comment and let me know how your co-parentingContinue reading “QOTD OCT 20, 2018”