Thought Of The Day(Love vs Respect)

I was listening to a conversation between two people about love or respect. The topic was whether you rather be loved or respected. My thought was, “who is loving or respecting me?”. As people we sometimes think too highly of ourselves. Who told you your respect will be valued by me? Who told you IContinue reading “Thought Of The Day(Love vs Respect)”

It Be Your Own Kind

Your own kind will bring you down. We’re so quick to blame other people for our problems, but we never want to take responsibility for ourselves. Our communities are horrible, mainly due to our mindset and not some outside forces. We destroy our own habitat. We are an envious group of people. We’re dying fromContinue reading “It Be Your Own Kind”


I go by Rew @k@ R E @k@ R EDUBB No Label but 4 name sake/🕖vrT⏳me Recordz..The Brand Name iz Onli Oham Matterz..I’m from East Trenton..I came up doin muzik wit Get Right Entertainment..We still Pham tho with experience under the belt we all branched off & made our mark 1ne way or another inContinue reading “R.E. DUBB!! REWIND!!!!”