I go by Rew @k@ R E @k@ R EDUBB No Label but 4 name sake/🕖vrT⏳me Recordz..The Brand Name iz Onli Oham Matterz..I’m from East Trenton..I came up doin muzik wit Get Right Entertainment..We still Pham tho with experience under the belt we all branched off & made our mark 1ne way or another inContinue reading “R.E. DUBB!! REWIND!!!!”

QOTD OCT 18, 2018

Do you believe forgiveness is key in order to move on from someone who hurt you? My answer is NO. I do not believe everything and/or everyone deserves forgiveness. I also do not believe I need to forgive someone who hurt me in order to heal. Life can move on just fine for me. IContinue reading “QOTD OCT 18, 2018”