Being With You

I can’t sum up the love in one day….too many aspects of our love to describe it one way…a love greater than anything I can write or say…you can wish and pray and never have a love this great…it may sound clichè but this has to be fate…your face brightens up my day when I wake…as real as can be, nothing is fake…everyday with you is a present and I thank you for the gift.

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No Fear, No Fold

Living life one day at a time…I stopped worrying and fell in love with the grind…I had to turn into a beast in that grime, so I can be able to feast and to shine…at war with my body but at peace with my mind…it’s a certain feeling you have when you not living in deceit or denial…I accomplish amazing feats and defeat every trial…sometimes I just look in the mirror and stare, thinking to myself, “I can’t believe I’m still here”… I bare my soul and I bear the load…no fear, no fold.



Getting that itch again…hands starting to twitch again…i just love to scribble scrabble words that ribble rabble….I do more than dibble dabble…Truth stands firm while lies and the trivial travel…why would they want you if they already had you….some do what they want and some do what they have to…we fall on both sides of the graph and still remain absolute..Truth



Refreshed in mind, body, and, spirit…Peace and prosperity I declare it…A challenge I never fear it..the grind, I bear it…The truth, I speak and you hear it…Love and happiness, let’s share it…Faith, wear it…Life, live it…This is your only time to get it .