You’re not Tough, You’re Emotionally Unstable!

A lot of people are walking around being violent and starting trouble in the name of, “being tough”, “being gangsta” etc.. The truth is, you’re really not being tough. You’re emotionally unstable. You’re not emotionally mature enough for conflict resolution. It’s actually a sign of weakness, not toughness, when you resort to violence in orderContinue reading “You’re not Tough, You’re Emotionally Unstable!”


Once again it’s on!!! In OUR continued efforts to promote the positive things in the city of Trenton, NJ, I am proud to introduce a long-time friend of mines Reggie Walker!! AUTHOR, POET, PLAYWRIGHT, ETC.. A man of many talents and great role-model for all ages! Without further ado MEET REGGIE WALKER! Mentor, Poet, Author,Continue reading “MEET REGGIE WALKER”


  Today I introduce you to Mr. DIVINE ALLAH NATIONAL YOUTH MINISTER AND A GREAT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY. Personally, I highly respect what he represents and the positivity that he brings to the TRENTON, NJ community!     There are many misconceptions about the “New Black Panther Party”, some say it’sContinue reading “MEET “DIVINE ALLAH””