Quote of the Day

During the last ten years a new statute has been added to the “unwritten law.” This statute proclaims that for certain crimes or alleged crimes no negro shall be allowed a trial: that no white woman shall be compelled to charge an assault under oath or to submit any such charge to the investigation ofContinue reading “Quote of the Day”

Why Are You Surprised?

People who are surprised that racism still exists, and that are surprised there are a large amount of racists, vexes me. Did you think one day everybody woke up and racism ceased? “Oh it’s 2018 racism doesn’t exist.” What did you think happened to a lot of children who were raised by racist parents? JustContinue reading “Why Are You Surprised?”

My thoughts on the Donald Sterling Fiasco

There has been a lot of talk over the past few days about the racist comments made byΒ L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling. According to his comments he doesn’t like black people to come to his games, nor does he want his girlfriend taking pictures with them and promoting her association with blacks. Fact you mayContinue reading “My thoughts on the Donald Sterling Fiasco”