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In order to improve as a society we must learn to take accountability for our actions, and also be able to hold others accountable. Criticism is a part of growth. If something isn’t right we have to be able to speak up on it without it being called an attack. We as a society should be mature enough to know the difference between holding someone accountable and attacking someone. This applies to men and women relations, politics, family, work etc…Let’s begin to hold each other accountable so we can grow and become a better society.

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Too Much Sex?!

Has our society become to consumed with sex? I ask this question over and over. It seems like the majority of the news we see and art we see is filled with nothing but sexual images. Sex is a beautiful thing, but if we are just bombarded with visuals of out lowest desires, how can we grow?


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Quote of The Day

One of the most insidious and pervasive symptoms of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome is our adoption of the slave master’s value system. At this value system’s foundation is the belief that white and all things associated with whiteness are superior; and that black and all things associated with blackness are inferior. Through the centuries of slavery and the decades of institutionalized oppression that followed, many African Americans have, in essence, been socialized to be something akin to white racists. Many of us have adopted the attitudes and views of a white, racist America. Many of us see ourselves, and our community through a white lens. We both mold ourselves to accommodate white prejudices and endeavor to adopt their standards.

Dr. Joy Degruy, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome