You’re not Tough, You’re Emotionally Unstable!

A lot of people are walking around being violent and starting trouble in the name of, “being tough”, “being gangsta” etc.. The truth is, you’re really not being tough. You’re emotionally unstable. You’re not emotionally mature enough for conflict resolution. It’s actually a sign of weakness, not toughness, when you resort to violence in orderContinue reading “You’re not Tough, You’re Emotionally Unstable!”

Tired of the…. “R.I.Ps”

After waking up and thanking GOD for another blessing, I get myself ready to start my day as most normal people often do. Then, I may log on to my social media sites and the thing that sours my day is seeing R.I.P. to another young man or woman murdered in my city of Trenton,Continue reading “Tired of the…. “R.I.Ps””