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Don’t Forget Our Boys

Once again, I have to ask that in this #MeToo era we not forget our young boys!!! Yes, I support all the women who have been raped, sexually assaulted, and/or abused by any man. I ALSO support our BOYS who have also been subjected to the same vile and inhumane treatment at the hands of women and men also. It seems women predators are being pushed to the background. Well, as long as I have a platform I will continue to be a voice to all the young boys and men who have been molested, abused, and sexually assaulted at the hands of a women. DON’T FORGET OUR BOYS!!!

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Sexual Harassment(Double Standard)

Nobody ever talks about the other side of sexual harassment. The side where women can be just as inappropriate as men or in some cases more. I have had some things said to me by female co-workers in the past that were highly questionable. I had a female co-worker who used to love feeling on me, but it was looked at as comical because I was a man and men supposedly love when women are all over them no matter the situation or if you are attracted to them or not

The double-standard is everywhere even from customers. I had a patron at one of my jobs refer to me as her pool boy(with sexual overtones). Now be clear she was an older white woman and actually very very nice, but I also understood if an older black man would walk into a young white woman’s place of work  and spoke to her that way he would have been labeled a pervert.

I was watching a clip of a show called, “The View”, and they were discussing Matt Lauer and the sexual harrassment charges he is facing and all I can see where a bunch of hypocrites. I have seen in past shows where they would have some male superstar on there and all the women in the crowd are hooting and hollering. Most, not all would say any everything to him to get close to him. 

I know some women will read this and automatically get offended. It’s ok. I understand. Some women are just scared to look in the mirror and accept that they are partly to blame for this highly sexualized society we live in. Quietly they enjoy the double-standard and they do not want anybody to mess up the status-quo. 

P.S. Do not throw rocks if you live in a glass house.

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Queens Raising Princes

Lately I have been involved in quite a few discussions about single mothers raising sons. When I speak of single mothers, I am referring to mothers who have no help from fathers. I am not speaking about mothers who are co-parenting.

 I am father raising a daughter, and I know as a man there are some things only her mother or other positive female role models can show her. This same rule applies to young boys as well. There are certain things about men that only another male would understand.

With all that being said, I am not saying a woman can not raise a young man to be positive, strong, intelligent, and respectful man. I know because I have a mother, but it was certain situations and life lessons that I endured that only my father understood properly. Being a man is much more than being a provider and being respectful to woman. We have feelings as well. We have self-doubt. We fail at things as well. Men are not robots. We play a major role in raising are kids as well.

A positive male role model in a young mans life will do wonders. I take nothing away from the Queens who have been abandoned by some loser to raise their child alone. All I ask for you Queens to understand is what WE NEED. I say we because I was that young boy and I AM that grown man. Allow your son to realize that good man are not just out here but that we are out here thriving as well. I know I will get some negative feedback but it’s cool. We all have to do better.


Brains vs Butts

Why are women who show off their body more appreciated than women who show off their intelligence? Every where you turn you see women taking have naked pictures. I wonder do they realize men will only respect them for their bodies. It’s so bad that women are having surgeries just to gain attention. Not attractive at all.