G.F.T. Radio Presents…

GFT Radio presents “How Is Your Health Tied To Your Nutrition” 🚨 MONDAY at 10PM EST on Twitch, YouTube & Facebook Live🚨 #JoinTheConversation on chat, or even request to join in! Watch LIVE as we discuss how Nutrition, Exercise and Sleep affect your overall Health & Well-Being! You don’t want to miss this First ofContinue reading “G.F.T. Radio Presents…”

Non-Verbal Communication

Great communication is an integral part of all relationships. In today’s society, I notice most people miss the non-verbal communication cues. Mainly because we do so much of our communication through texts and emails. I learned at a young age that reading body language was very important. A person’s body language will reveal more thanContinue reading “Non-Verbal Communication”

Positive Progression

Moving forward in the right direction has always been a major focus of mines. The issue I always had with moving forward in the right direction was that most times I used negative energy to push forward. I used failure or people doubting me as motivation. At this stage in my life I choose toContinue reading “Positive Progression”