Affirmation Nov 17, 2018

Be positive. Stay positive. Be supportive of those who support you as well.

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Watch “Is Respecting Your Elders A Lost Art Form” on YouTube

Are we raising our children not to respect their elders. Are the elders of today worthy of respect? Are young people of today too entitled? Have a listen and join the conversation. Let us know what you think.



Playing Field

I don’t care about leveling the playing field…I play it how it is, victory depends on my will…any obstacles I destroy and rebuild it to my advantage…in misery I refuse to languish….everyday is exciting and dangerous…I embrace it and release my anguish…take the good with the bad language…why the fuck would I change it…my diet is different so Im not on the same shit….why would I want to survive instead thrive…I rather die than never try.