Quote of the Day

Teams succeed only when players have unified vision, no matter how much talent or potential there is. A team doesn’t win the championship if its players have different agendas. That’s true in professional sports. It’s true in business. It’s true in churches.

John C. Maxwell

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Who are your friends?

🚨 TONIGHT at 10pm🚨 What Kind of Friend Are You?
Are you loyal, motivating, the hype man, etc. What kind of friend is your BFF? What kind of friend do you need? How often do we need to be around real friends? What do you consider being loyal? Do you want a friend who always agrees with you?
Join in on this conversation with our Guest Host Quiana Starr!! Call in (657) 383-1155, phone lines open up at 10:15pm. If you’re shy don’t worry tweet us throughout the show @gft_radio. 

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