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Watch “Is Respecting Your Elders A Lost Art Form” on YouTube

Are we raising our children not to respect their elders. Are the elders of today worthy of respect? Are young people of today too entitled? Have a listen and join the conversation. Let us know what you think.


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Quote of The Day

At last our proud Republic is overtaken. Our National Sin has found us out. The National Head is bowed down, and our face is mantled with shame and confusion. No Foreign arm is made bare for our chastisement. No distant monarch, offended at our freedom and prosperity, has plotted our destruction; no envious tyrant has prepared for our necks his oppressive yoke. Slavery has done it all. Our enemies are those of our own household.

Frederick Douglass

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Quote of the Day

During the last ten years a new statute has been added to the “unwritten law.” This statute proclaims that for certain crimes or alleged crimes no negro shall be allowed a trial: that no white woman shall be compelled to charge an assault under oath or to submit any such charge to the investigation of a court of law. The results is that many men have been put to death whose innocence was afterward established; and to-day, under this reign of the “unwritten law,” no colored man, no matter what his reputation, is safe from lynching if a white woman, no matter what her standing or motive, cares to charge him with insult or assault.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett “Lynch Law in America” 1900

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QOTD OCT 20, 2018

Do you have a healthy Co-parenting relationship?

Yes, my relationship with my daughter’s mother is cool. It wasn’t always a good relationship, but we both have matured and made sacrifices to make it work. It isn’t perfect but no situation is.

What abou you guys? Drop a comment and let me know how your co-parenting relationship is going.