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Watch “Dr Wesley on the Slut Walk, City Girls/Cardi B Twerk Video and the weaponization of Hip Hop” on YouTube

Brother Wesley was bringing truth to power in this conversation. I agree with him 100%. I also like how the interviewer challenged his position. Challenging his position allowed him to articulate his stance even clearer. She could have easily made it one sided discussion, but she made points that those who participate in the slut walk would make. In doing so it gave the brother an opportunity to also challenge those who support the slut walk and/or city girls and cardi b video.

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Favorite Comedian?

Who is your favorite comedian?

I have a hard time just choosing one, so here are my top 3. No particular order. I love Katt Williams energy. Richard Pryor is the best story teller. George Carlin’s sarcasm and common sense comedy is unmatched in my opinion. These are my favs. Who are yours?

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Stop Celebrity Worship

I notice the masses allow celebrities to have too much influence on their lives. A lot of it has to do with the media as well, but mainly I see people putting celebrities on pedestals they haven’t earned. It’s ok to appreciate someone’s art, music, acting etc.., but that doesn’t make them authorities on all things. Learn to think for yourself. Just because a person is famous, it doesn’t mean they’re smarter than you.

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Watch “Real Outrage Over Fake News” on YouTube


How many times have you seen people get excited or angry over a story, meme, or misinformtion they received from off of social media? Just to turn around and find out everything they were mad about was false. This happens all the time. Most people are too lazy to simple research. We react off emotion way too much. Let us know what you think. Have a listen to our podcast.