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Watch “GFT Radio LIVE – 11/04/2018” on YouTube

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Watch “Taboo Topics: A Beginners Guide To Losing Friends” on YouTube


Please have a listen. We discussed having difficult conversations with friends, and how those conversations can ruin friendships.

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Dreams, Night Terrors & Deja Vu

🚨THURSDAY @ 10PM EST🚨 “Dreams, Night Terror & Deja Vu!”
Let’s talk about dreams, night terrors and deja vu! #JoinTheConversation as we discuss dreams, and all the things that come in the dream world.
– Waking up from a dream thinking it was real
– Having a dream and the dream comes true
– Night terrors
– Hidden meanings of dreams
All that and so much more! We know you don’t want to miss this!!! Join the conversation by calling 657-383-1155, phone lines open at 10:15pm. You can also tweet us @gft_radio and let your voice be heard!

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Watch “Is Respecting Your Elders A Lost Art Form” on YouTube

Are we raising our children not to respect their elders. Are the elders of today worthy of respect? Are young people of today too entitled? Have a listen and join the conversation. Let us know what you think.