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Kemet is the Egyptological pronunciation of km.t, the Ancient Egyptian name of Egypt.

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Ruby Bridges

“D ear R eader : M ost of my life has been spent working in the world of civil rights and human rights. In that world are many stories of loss, many stories of victory, and many stories that deal with the courage of those who stand up against injustice. Nothing can be more moving than watching a small black child climbing the steps to her elementary school that historically and legally did not welcome her presence. Ruby Bridges had been called by her country to perform an act of profound bravery—to become the black child in an all-white school. By this simple act of courage, Ruby moved the hearts and opened the minds of millions of people. Her story was and is an inspiration. You will find this book comforting, informative, and worthy of your attention.

H a r r y B e l a f o n t e”
— *Ruby Bridges*, _Through My Eyes_,

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Ameliorate is often wrongly used where alleviate is meant. Ameliorate is properly used to mean `improve’, not `make easier to bear’, so one should talk about alleviating pain or hardship, not ameliorating it. Word Origin and History for ameliorative. adj.