Political endorsements mean very little to me, but to some voters it may sway their vote. I am not saying endorsements are a bad thing at all. If a individual I highly respect suggests that a particular candidate would be better suited, I will take heed and listen to his reasoning. I would not change my vote because he endorsed a different candidate, I would change my vote if I agreed with his reasoning. It would be foolish to vote for a person just because someone popular or even a person one would call “influential” said so. There has to be a valid reason, and a valid reason isn’t, “i believe in him or her as a person”. I believe in my mom as a person, that doesn’t mean she should be mayor. Well hold up maybe…………………….

Any who below are some links that I found online about the subject of “endorsements”. Very good reads and diverse opinions.”″””


  1. Zero difference in my case. I can decide for myself. I guess in a few cases it puts me off a candidate if someone I seriously dislike supports one, but I mostly don’t pay attention to endorsements.


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