Quote of The Day

“Welcome to hell. A hell erected and maintained by human-governments, and blessed by black robed judges. A hell that allows you to see your loved ones, but not to touch them. A hell situated in America’s boondocks, hundreds of miles away from most families. A white, rural hell, where most of the captives are blackContinue reading “Quote of The Day”

Living The Dream

Grace never had a place with me….Under constant pressure…never being good enough I always had to be extra….It was always about money until my breath became the treasure…The next minute became forever….Previous priorities went from major to the minorties….Shit I was born into a pandemic….poverty drug addicts, and bad decisions, it was always systemic…Just livingContinue reading “Living The Dream”

Die Happily

Your castle was built on the sand….Broken hearts looking to be mended by an unsteady hand….looking for love from those they despise….smiling with those who laugh at their cries…blaming others when they’re in control of their own demise….running from the ugly truths just to go hug on to beautiful lies…there will be no sympathy norContinue reading “Die Happily”

Be you

Truth is, you’re really not that unique….You’re definitely not above critique…..You’re not as strong and you’re not as weak…stop trying to detach yourself from reality….some say your attitude determines your salary….you are the results of your decisions….focus on your growth and not your mentions…move with intention….be your greatest invention. Be you.