Beautiful Weather

This is my favorite post from February 2017. This poems is about how the nice weather brings out the worse in people where I’m from.

Akingstruth's Blog

Birds chirping and the sun is shining….it’s a mirage that turns violent…the sound of automatic gun shots is our groundhog…..the late night howlings and barkings of deprived dogs…..stray cats everywhere…..stray bullets whistling everywhere…. the consequences are never fair……I don’t want the sun to shine down on me….I don’t want to send rounds, so I don’t sit around clowns who are constantly out of bounds, and want to take my crown from me…..I go sit in the shade because standing in the Sun I might end up laying in my grave…It’s beautiful outside…I hope we all can enjoy it and nobody die….We must protect the children from this violent whirlwind.. .it’s beautiful outside…make sure you have your umbrella when you hear a mother cry…protect yourself from that shower of pain….When it rains it pours but it’s beautiful outside so protect what’s yours…

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