Making Friends

🚨THURSDAY @ 10PM EST🚨 “Making Friends At 30” In the age of “No New Friends” should we be looking for new friendships, as we grow older? Most people lose friends, over time, for various reasons, but how to do you branch out to make new ones? Join the conversation, as we discuss making friends, as an adult!
– Being open to new friendships, building bridges.
– Pros & Cons of starting new friendships
– Finding real friendships at work
– Merging friends (current & new)
We know you don’t want to miss this one! Join the conversation by calling 657-383-1155, phone lines open at 10:15pm. You can also tweet us @gft_radio and let your voice be heard!


5 thoughts on “Making Friends

      1. PurpleStar says:

        I like it… it’s very true. It can be difficult making friends after 30. I’m not sure all the reasons why… Maybe some adults by that age have experience so much they lose that innocence and it’s hard to trust and let new people in.

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      2. akingstruth says:

        Great point. I agree and I will bring that point up on the podcast. I also believe as we grow older we lack the patience to really nurture a friendship. Real friendships take time to evolve.

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