Quote of the Day

During the last ten years a new statute has been added to the “unwritten law.” This statute proclaims that for certain crimes or alleged crimes no negro shall be allowed a trial: that no white woman shall be compelled to charge an assault under oath or to submit any such charge to the investigation of a court of law. The results is that many men have been put to death whose innocence was afterward established; and to-day, under this reign of the “unwritten law,” no colored man, no matter what his reputation, is safe from lynching if a white woman, no matter what her standing or motive, cares to charge him with insult or assault.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett “Lynch Law in America” 1900


    • Nah, we dont have to take out the reference to race. This is exactly what some Dems and some Republicans demand we have today. Party lines dont matter of here. Im affiliated with none. I sincerely appreciate your comment. Thanks


      • I’m going to have to disagree. Right now a Black man who actual did “rape” a White woman has less chance to be “held accountable” than a White man.

        Certain words are quoted because the accusations, even the honest one, are now so often bullshit because certain sorts – yep, a subclass of White women mostly – have a deluded idea of what “rape” is.

        On the other hand, I’m only speaking of NOW. In past times, #BelieveAllWomen – http://blog.jonolan.net/society/believeallwomen-1889/ – did a lot of harm to Black men and pretty only Black men.


      • Im speaking on NOW too. Nothing has changed on this side. You dont make sense saying a black man has less chance to be held accountable than a white man. Especially since they just locked a famous black man up for those same accusations. Yet none of these famous white men who have been accused have been held accountable for anything yet.


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